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I love it , its a great App By Betty Fenwick April 1 2012

Please update!

Please update your MY SIGNATURE app. It needs an eraser! It also needs updating with iOS 10. It is the one app I use everyday! Would get 5 stars with update.

Works great

Perfect. This makes it so easy to create a signature that you can add to emails and best of all, save on your desktop to import into Word, PDF or other documents. The background is transparent so you can drop the image in a signature box and it looks perfect!

Simple and effective

Saved me a lot of work from scanning my signature. Best yet the background is transparent. Works as intended. Gave it 5 star as the learning curve is basically zero. FYI. Creat and email ur sig then open it in MS office picture manager then copy and paste. Works like a charm. Very happy. Thanks. SJ


This app does not do what it indicates it will. You cannot insert a signature you make into an email--you have to launch an email from the signature application. Furthermore, the signature block is HUGE. So, either you have a HUGE signature, or a HUGE space above or below your signature. I can honestly say I will never have a use for this app.

Dont buy this

Agree with previous review, signature block is huge rendering this app useless.

Worked fine

Like the first reviewer, just needed to email signature to someone. Completely user friendly and perfect size. Not sure why the other 2 users had a super sized image, but I did not. Yes, the pad you write on is full screen, but the saved jpg does not end up being nearly that large. Even if it did, could easily shrink the image in microsoft paint. 5 stars.

Signature App

I liked the app! Its not inconvenient at all. It should be applicable when you need a signature on an e-mail. Every e-mail doesnt require a signature. This app is good when necessary.


Very disappointing. Extremely limited and ineffective. No response from support. Dont buy it.

Really nice

Needs guide lines and a way to resize your signature. Would love to see update.

My Signature 3.0

Cant view signature in other Apps, just appears as a blank black screen! Also theres no way to resize the signature, something that was mentioned in the update description!

Update disabled app

Unable to locate signature to apply in other applications.

My SIgnature

I love this App, awesome


Would be nice if you could increase the size of font in typing mode-it pastes into email very tiny and is almost lost! Program does work as advertised!


Junk app. I created my signature just for one reason. To put in on pdf contracts, which i get on a regular basis and dont want to print them out, scan and email them back. So now i created my signature....and what can i do with it? Look at it? Doesnt make any sense. i could not find any information how to put it an a doc. I sent an email to the custmer service...... no answer. Save you buck Bk


Thanks to the person who commented about transferring signatures into Numbers! That was all I needed to get this. And does it work perfectly? Yes. Ive wanted an app with just this capability for a long time but there just didnt seem to be any available. A huge thanks to the developer.

Love it

Havent had a problem with anything. Emails to my email address, and can save it to my computer as a jpeg. Makes my life so easy when sending official docs. Thank you!!

Not what I needed

I was looking for a way to creat multiple signature for various email accounts I use on the iPad. This app may do that, but the first thing I tried to do - create a typed, multi line signature - was not possible, so the app is no good for me!

Love it.

Need to have the color white. Thanks


Rubbish, cant change font size. Only single line typing. Give my money back!!!!!M

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